PocketFi. New miner with with a potential airdrop

Jun 3rd, 2024 at 18:45

🟣 PocketFi is a cryptocurrency wallet available directly in Telegram, which aims to simplify interaction with DeFi. The wallet supports crosschain exchanges, swaps, as well as sniping and copytrading functionality is planned for the future.

What happens to the token?

During the mining phase, 51% of all tokens will be distributed The end of mining will be in Q4 2024. At the same time you will be able to Withdraw/Sell/Exchange $switch token.

🪂 Mining Details

Right now it is mining native token $switch, it is necessary to collect rewards every 6 hours, otherwise they will be burned.

What to do ❓

  • Go to the bot
  • Determine the rating of your account
  • Claim $switch
  • Log in again in 4-5 hours and collect tokens

🚀 How to earn faster?

The mining speed can be increased by swaps to TON and EVM, and there is also a boost for holding TON Punks NFT.

By inviting friends, you will not only speed up your farming $switch, but also have 50% commission on any transactions!

💯 Airdrop has already been confirmed by the developers, so start mining right now!

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