Defi Kingdoms. Play and earn $JEWEL

Jun 10th, 2024 at 11:00

Defi Kingdoms - is a blockchain game that combines elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) with gamification and NFT.


Platform and Blockchain:

  • DeFi Kingdoms is built on the Harmony blockchain, known for its fast transaction speeds and low fees. It has also expanded to other chains like Avalanche.


  • Heroes: Players can summon, buy, sell, and trade unique hero NFTs. Heroes can participate in quests, level up, and improve their abilities.
  • Quests: There are different types of quests where heroes can earn experience, resources, and in-game tokens.
  • Gardening and Mining: Players can engage in activities such as gardening and mining within the game to earn rewards.
  • Kingdom Building: Players can own virtual land, build structures, and enhance their kingdoms, contributing to the game's ecosystem.


Economy and Tokens:

  • JEWEL: The primary in-game currency used for various activities like summoning heroes, purchasing items, and staking.
  • Staking and Liquidity Pools: Players can stake JEWEL tokens and provide liquidity to earn rewards.
  • Governance: JEWEL token holders can participate in governance decisions, influencing the direction of the game’s development.


  • Heroes and other in-game items are represented as NFTs, making them unique and tradeable assets.

Community and Development:

  • DeFi Kingdoms has an active community and a transparent development team. They frequently update the community with development progress and future plans.

Future Developments

  • Expansion to additional blockchains to reach a wider audience.
  • Introduction of new quests, heroes, and features to enhance gameplay.
  • Continuous improvements and updates based on community feedback and governance votes.

How to Get Started

  1. Create a Wallet: Use a compatible wallet like MetaMask and connect it to the Harmony network.

  2. Acquire JEWEL Tokens: Purchase JEWEL tokens from a supported exchange or directly within the game’s DEX.

  3. Explore and Play: Start by summoning heroes, participating in quests, and engaging in the game’s DeFi elements.

Community Resources: Website, X, Discord

By blending gaming with DeFi, DeFi Kingdoms offers a unique and engaging way to interact with blockchain technology, combining fun with potential financial rewards.


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