Unexpected gem Astro Bot

Jun 3rd, 2024 at 05:00

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Astro Bot from Team Asobi promises to be Astro's biggest adventure yet. In the game, the protagonist will visit six galaxies and travel through over 80 levels to find his team. Users will appreciate new skills, more than 70 enemies including bosses, and the participation of characters from the PlayStation universe such as Kratos and Eloi, who will play more important roles. Astro Bot will be released on September 6 on PlayStation 5.

It's funny that before the presentation at State Of Play, no one had high hopes for Astro Bot -- everyone was waiting for the Concord presentation. After the presentation, the mood has changed dramatically -- Concord trailer is drowning in dislikes, while Astro Bot has only 1% of dislikes.

Source: PlayStation YouTube